Training & Support

Investing in a dog food franchise like Jemelli can be very rewarding if you are looking for a way to either change your current career or start a new one. In addition to being your own boss, you also get to enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to when you work and where you work. We’ve made our business model turnkey, which means you will have access to many resources to start your dog food franchise the right way.

Preliminary Training

Since you don’t make the food for your Jemelli franchise, your training is mostly about the selling and marketing of the products. When you invest in a territory, you will have access to up to 400,000 homes, many of which have dog owners to market to. With such a large territory, you are sure to gather interest in your dog superfood. We can teach you how to sell the Jemelli formula to your target audience, and we can show you exactly what goes into it. Something we pride ourselves in is the transparency we have both with our customers and with our franchisees. Our superfoods are made from real food that can be better for dogs than traditional dog food.

We can help you get started with your franchise by having you come to our headquarters to learn more about Jemelli and the dos and don’ts of the business. You are also provided with an operations manual to reference to as you open your dog food franchise. Meeting the faces (and the dogs) behind Jemelli is a great way to begin your franchising journey. We offer guidance both through the training process and beyond to make sure you feel confident in your investment and stay on the right track.

Ongoing Support

With a dog food franchise like Jemelli, you know you will always have someone to turn to when you have any questions. Since our food is made at our headquarters, you will always be able to communicate with us for your supply needs. Our food is sent directly to you so that you can portion it for your customers and send it off to them. We keep our model simple so that you can work flexibly and still be efficient.

Marketing a Dog Food Franchise

You may be wondering what kind of strategies there are to market a dog food franchise. For starters, dog owners are out there searching for a business like yours. Americans are working now more than ever, which means their time is already taken away from their pets. The last thing they want, or need, is to dedicate even more time to preparing their dog’s every meal to avoid the unhealthiness of traditional dog food.

Dog owners need Jemelli. Our products provide a balanced meal for dogs through our special formula combined with different types of protein or vegetables. Through grand opening and ongoing advertising efforts, you will be able to market to your demographic and help them see why Jemelli is the perfect solution to their dog food needs.

How to Start a Dog Food Franchise

When you are looking into investments that let you help pets, it is important to look at what they offer for the investment. We made sure we created a franchise opportunity that allows you to work where you want and when you want, for a lower franchise fee compared to our competitors. Our model is founded on the principle of bringing healthy superfoods to dogs all over the United States, so you can be proud of the product you are selling. With our training and support, our franchise owners feel confident in their franchise investment.

Visit our investment page for more information on the costs to start a dog food franchise with Jemelli.