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Do You Love Dogs? Give Them Quality Food on Your Own Schedule

If you’re a dog-lover, maybe you should consider turning your passion into a business opportunity by opening a dog franchise with Jemelli. At Jemelli, we’re huge fans of dogs. In fact, our brand was founded on our desire to provide two very special golden retrievers (Skamp and Oski) with higher-quality food. We help pets and their owners every day by delivering fresh, nutrition-packed meals right to their doors. If you’re an animal lover, this might be the investment opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

The Jemelli Dog Franchise Difference

Jemelli stands out from other dog food brands because our food is freshly-prepared with real ingredients and is minimally-processed. Eggs, leafy greens, and proteins like beef and chicken are just a few of the superfoods we utilize in our foods. While other dog foods utilize preservatives and fillers like corn, meat dyes, and meat by-products, Jemelli dogs are eating food of the same (or better) quality that their humans enjoy. We can’t speak for every dog, but Skamp and Oski sure started feeling great when they switched to the Jemelli diet. Best of all, our food is prepared at our headquarters and shipped right to our customers’ doors. For them, buying from Jemelli is just as simple as the online shopping they already love.

Addressing a Growing Demand

One of the most important things to pet owners today is transparency in the ingredients they feed their four-legged friends. Dog owners recognize that conventional pet food has set a low standard for nutrition, and they want to start feeding their pets healthy and nourishing meals. In fact, many of today’s dog owners are even looking for ways to make their own dog food, but this can be expensive and time consuming. Jemelli’s ingredients are simple and so transparent that many customers won’t even need to read a nutrition label – they can easily see for themselves what’s inside! Our dog franchise owners help pet owners give their dogs the nutrition they need on their own schedule, without the hassle.

An Insanely Simple Business Model

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, you’ve likely noticed that some franchise models can be costly and complicated. Finding a location, learning manufacturing and preparation techniques, and hiring a full staff are often requirements. When you open a dog franchise with Jemelli, you won’t need to worry about tasks like these. We ask that our franchisees have a freezer to store product that they’ll personally distribute – this is the only location requirement! You can run your business right out of your home, and you’ll be  largely responsible for making sales to the people in your community. We provide our franchisees with training to teach them great techniques for closing deals, and how to find the potential customers in your area. This simplicity also translates to a low initial investment. We estimate that you could start a Jemelli franchise for as little as $34,300!

If you’re ready to learn more about opening your own dog franchise, contact Jemelli today.

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