About Us

Hear the Jemelli Story!

Meet the Mascots

Hello! Our names are Skamp and Oski, and we are twin golden retrievers and the mascots of Jemelli Superfood for Dogs! We were the runts of our litter, and we never thought we would find a home – never mind a home where both of us could live together. However, our owner and the Jemelli founder, Eduardo, took us both home and treats us like family – the only problem was that he had a hard time trying to feed us like family.

Many traditional dog food brands contain preservatives and other subpar ingredients that wouldn’t help us live long and healthy lives. I became overweight from the traditional dog food diet, and Oski became very lethargic and even started limping. That was when Eduardo said enough was enough. He started feeding us like family, preparing our food every day with real ingredients. As a result, both of us became much happier and healthier!

Meet Eduardo Hernando

Our founder, Eduardo Hernando, is a lifelong entrepreneur, a health enthusiast, avid cyclist and a philanthropist. He felt that the traditional dog food seen in grocery stores was subpar to what dogs really need. He started making food for us, and in less than two months, he saw a noticeable difference in both of our personalities. We were much more agile and had a lot more energy, and all it took was a change to what we were eating!

This was the beginning of what became a pet food delivery franchise unlike any other.

Jemelli: A Healthy Pet Food Delivery Franchise for Dogs

Eduardo recognized throughout the process just how time-consuming it is to make your dog’s food in addition to your own, which is why Jemelli came to be. Through a pet food delivery franchise, dog owners can give their dogs the food they deserve without the hassle of making it from scratch. What started as a simple means to help us lead better lives turned into a universal means to help dog owners everywhere through franchising.

The Opportunity

People nowadays care for their pets like they are family. In fact, 95% of pet owners believe that their pets are part of their family. If pet owners believe that their dogs are part of their family, they want to feed them like part of the family. This is why there is a growth trend in pet food franchise opportunities across the nation. However, Jemelli has taken it a step further and added convenience for pet owners by making our products deliverable within specific territories.

Our pet food delivery franchise opportunity is different than the others out there. We are taking extra action to bring the best food possible to dogs across the United States. All of our food is made right at our headquarters in Miami, Florida, so franchise owners are only responsible for the selling and promoting aspects of the business. This makes our investment low and our profit potential high.

We made our model so turnkey that franchise owners can operate their business in the comfort of their own home – all they need is a freezer to store the products! We made going into business for yourself easier (and more fun)! If you want to help animals but don’t want to go through the schooling or certifications to get there, a pet food delivery franchise is the best way to go about it.

The Products

Jemelli is founded on serving dogs superfoods. Our formula is a unique base for all our products, and the owner gets to choose the different proteins. This makes our foods easily adaptable to each dog’s unique diet. The proteins include chicken and 100% grass fed beef. Our mission is to bring the best quality food to every dog’s door, so we take special precautions to ensure there are no antibiotics in our proteins. We also offer vegetarian superfoods that are made with fresh vegetables. Our dog food is so good and fresh that even dog owners could eat it.

Hernando Group

Eduardo has been the Founder and CEO of Jemelli since it's inception in January of 2017, but that’s not his only job. Eduardo is also the president of Rabocao Pet Pawlors pet grooming salons along with Pet Grooming Schools of America. His success with pet businesses falls under the Hernando Group umbrella, where Eduardo is also the CEO and founder.

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