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We are a dog food franchise focused on delivering
healthy food for dogs in massive territories.

The Opportunity

What we offer to franchisees is different than any other opportunity out there. Our model allows for franchise owners to work wherever they want, whenever they want. With a massive territory of 400,000 homes, our franchisees are put in an optimal position to succeed.

The Products

What makes our products different than other dog foods out there is that it’s real food. Our superfoods are made with the Jemelli special formula and high-quality proteins such as chicken or grass-fed beef. We even offer vegetarian options that contain fresh vegetables.

The Investment

We keep our investment low and the quality of our product high, so it’s possible for franchisees to see a fast return on investment. Since the only real requirement for a Jemelli dog food franchise is a freezer, franchisees have a lot of flexibility when it comes to when and where they work.

Training & Support

One of the best things about investing in a dog food delivery franchise as opposed to starting a dog food business from scratch is that you get training and support. We make sure you understand the ins and outs of your business before you go out selling our superfoods.

Hear the Jemelli Story!

Meet Skamp and Oski

These two golden retrievers are the inspiration and mascots for Jemelli. Their owner, Eduardo Hernando, was tired of feeding them subpar food from the grocery store that never had protein as one of the first ingredients. He founded Jemelli because not only does he want Skamp and Oski to live a healthier lifestyle, he wants all dogs to be able to eat healthy.

Meet The Owner

Meet Eduardo Herenando, our founder and CEO! Eduardo is a former college athlete who is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. He has taken his love for healthy eating and created a way for dogs everywhere to eat real, healthy superfoods through a fantastic franchise opportunity.

Affordable Invesment

  • Over 90% of dog owners consider their pets family, and they want to feed them like family.
  • In 2017, pet owners spent $69.51 billion on their furry friends
  • For as little as $25,000, you can start your own dog food franchise with Jemelli, delivering superfoods to super dogs in your community.
  • A Jemelli Franchise can be fully operational in as little as 30 days (all you need is a freezer).
  • Jemelli franchisees can work wherever they want, whenever they want.

Why Jemelli Works

  • 95% of Americans believe their dogs are part of their family
  • A large percentage of them don’t have time to make their dogs healthy foods everyday
  • Jemelli brings healthy food right to the dog owner’s door, so they don’t have to worry about meal prep

How Jemelli Works

  • Franchisees invest in a territory and the exclusive rights to sell our products
  • We make the products, so franchise owners only have to worry about marketing and selling them
  • This means all franchisees need is a way to store the foods, so they can work from home and run their business

Where Jemelli Works

  • We have territories available all over the country
  • We offer large territories because we want franchise owners to have a lot of potential for profit
  • There’s probably a territory available near you!

Here’s What Skamp and Oski Have to Say About Jemelli

“It completely changed my life!”

“I was overweight before I started eating Jemelli superfoods”

“Jemelli was named after us – Gemelli means ‘twins’ in Italian.”

“My owner Eduardo used to feed us traditional dog food, but once I started getting lethargic and limping, he switched us to Jemelli and we’re never going back.”

“Dogs everywhere should try these superfoods!”

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